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Wait… You aren't using your calendar… ?
Well here's the first tip… Start using your calendar! ?

We'll jump right in and let you know why using your calendar is so crucial to your life and your business. Find out what happened in Michael's life that made him start using his calendar…

We'll also discuss the calendar services that we use, and find out how we manage to quickly create new calendar events.
You'll also get a few tips on how to automate your calendar and how to best coordinate scheduling appointments with others.
Bonus… You'll also get to meet Michael's personal assistant, Amy…??‍?
We'll also figure out how to make sure Amy keeps an eye on the family calendar… to keep Michael from being double-booked????

Be sure you schedule about 13 minutes to get all these tips and tools this week. You can follow us on Twitter:
Damashe is @damashe
and Michael is @payown

Tools Mentioned.

This show was an absolute blast to do! We know that we managed to help Michael out, but we want to hear from you… Do you have some awesome calendar management tools to share?
Do you have a question or comment about something we discussed?
Chime in in the comments section… we'd love to continue the conversation with you??


Blind since birth, Assistive technology instructor in Alaska until the sudden unexpected passing of my mom. I enjoy the transformation my ideas and knowledge can give people. Fast talking and filled with information i’m ready to show you the power and freedom automation in your business can give you.

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