Damashe and Michael try to talk Airtable in this Your Own Pay Podcast Network Exclusive, DM36

The Your Own Pay Podcast Network Exclusive – Another Damashe and Michael, Just Talking Tech Episode.

Welcome back to another episode

0:06, today’s episode starts out dropping you into a conversation Damashe and Michael are having regarding the importance of planning.

0:35, and how you don’t have to be a nut about task planning, but if you plan a little especially if it involves others it definitely helps the process move forward.

1:00, Damashe uses Michael editing the podcast and publishing it as an example to demonstrate how planning when relying on someone else is important.

1:24, Oh yea, we are recording! Show no to more information can be found at Your Own Pay.com/dm36

1:42, and having a planned time to record allows the rest of the puzzle pieces for publishing a podcast episode to fall into place.

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2:00, and also allows you the opportunity to produce content that’s on your mind, get it out to the world, and not procrastinate for perfection.

2:17, Damashe, what are you using to keep track of the contacts your making?

You’ll hear that the two of us have something kind of hacked together, leveraging groups, and Gmail labels. What are you doing yourself to keep your relationships straight?

3:36, Shout out to Teresa, editor of The Stylus, OCB’s newsletter, you’ll have to listen to learn why.

3:45, Michael starts talking about dropping balls in DM36, what do you use to keep track of your relationships? https://yourownpay.com/dm36/

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4:10, sometimes not having information about past relationships influences Michael’s response time.

4:20, Drop a comment down below if you’re using an accessible tool to keep track of the relationship to your building around the web.

4:45, a tool that could work may be Airtable, though we haven’t spent as much time with it as we would like.

5:23, what we are using Airtable for right now, If you go to blind employment solutions, listen to learn what currently happens.

6:00, Michael knew that we had to have a better solution.

6:15, with not high hopes of getting access to that information.

One of the reasons we enjoy recording podcast content for the Your Own Pay Podcast Network

6:30, while talking through the process, Michael asked Damashe a question that might completely revolutionize the way our workflow currently works.

6:59, yep there are still people not wanting to join Facebook groups, and we suspect at numbers just going to go up.

7:5, Michael’s goal is to get them out of the facebook group and into our mailing list.

7:20, sometimes it’s the way you asked a question that can actually determine the answer.

8:25, Michael has 12 pending members and this process would be less data to process over

9:00, slight side-note about the shit facebook is doing.

10:30, the typical consumer doesn’t realize how valuable the information they provide social networks with is..

11:00, and Michael just gives up trying to explain what he’s saying.

11:15, $20, is it worth letting Facebook know everything on your devise?

11:25, it’s different when people ask for your permission.

12:00, it can’t be emphasized enough, comprehend what information you’re giving up.

Damashe, dropping value balms on the Your Own Pay Podcast Network

12:40, Give them something that’s as valuable to them as their email address is to you. @damashe said in DM36 https://yourownpay.com/dm36/

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13:45, and yes, google did get caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

15:00, NSFW: Damashe shares his issues with facebook!

16:45, time to go back to tech!

Promises from the Your Own Pay Podcast Network

We promise not to install tracking certificates on your device

17:07, Michael tells Damashe

ask him about Teresa.

17:22, Leading Michael to go down the path of telling the story of getting to go with the ACB of Oregon to help advocate for a bill to pass requiring accessible prescription labeling for all pharmacies in the state of Oregon.

17:55, and he explains about how this relates to Teresa.

18:02, Someone tell James to listen 😉

18:20, Michael paraphrased, slight bias towards himself

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18:45, Michael’s mind was blown when he realized that this podcasting thing really does impact lives.

19:20, Michael had to have a feel good moment.

20:10, You can easily export information.

20:42, That’s how we role!

21:00, it’s like an excel spreadsheet and MySQL database combined

21:36, Michael chimes in with the tagline of the Airtable company.

22:15, We have no clue what’s going to be talked about next, however feel free to subscribe to the DM Show, and we will talk to you in a fortnight.

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