Finally 4K – Build With Me

Welcome to the first episode of September 2016.


In this episode I do a little bit of reflecting on the past 11 months of publishing the podcast, and though I hit my goal of 4K downloads, which was my ultimate goal it took me 11 months to reach this.


By the end of 2016 it’s my goal to have shared my message with the equivalent amount of people to equal 10,000 downloads in total. The only way I can make this happen is if you share this podcast with your most active social media.


Today we’re going to also talk about what I did yesterday, if you are on my mailing list then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Some people have asked me what the hell I was doing, others have told me thank you, and even more have told me not to close the doors. Yesterday, I announced to the mailing list that I’m going to allow you the opportunity to watch over my shoulder and learn how I build out my WordPress with a blind guy course in a new platform. The platform is called thinkific, and I’m very fond of the way that it’s provided me an amazing platform to share my messages in a automated course format. So I asked myself why not allow other people to watch me build up this course, and I was wondering how I could make some money to help support my family.


If you didn’t listen to Saturday’s episode, Meth, marijuana, juvenile detention, and my fuck ups, you should definitely listen to it here. My younger brother who was 12, he just had his 12th birthday in juvenile detention, should be getting out in 11 days. He has a court date on September 12.


So ideally I’d like to be able to help as many people as possible while making some money to help support my family and provide a better life for him and my younger brothers. So, I announced two people that if you’re interested in watching over my shoulder you can. It’s going to cost a nominal $67, and you can get access to it here.


I did receive some emails from people asking me why I would release this course this training at $67, and here’s the primary reason. If you take the knowledge that you acquire while listening to me build up my courses and apply it to your courses you could charge 400, 500, or even $600 for a course. Hell, if you charge $100 for your course and had only one sale, you’d be in profit.


So get your spot before I close the door on Friday morning, tomorrow morning, and listen to me build out the WordPress with a blind guy course. I announced in this podcast that I’ll also be releasing another course as well and you’ll be able to listen to me put that together two.


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