Why Do I need A Course?

Why do I need a course Michael?


That’s a question a couple of people asked me via email since I released the over my shoulder option so people like yourself can watch me create a course. In today’s podcast I give you two reasons why you should create a course, one of which is to save time… The other, to help position you as an authority.


In today’s podcast I mentioned why i’ve chosen to keep the doors open for this wonderful opportunity for 48 more hours. I also talk about one of my friends Maxwell who has released his own course, walking you through the process of getting booked on radio show interviews. In the posting I wrote talking about his course, you can learn the five steps to promote your book with radio talk shows. Check it out here.


That posting also has a link to the course that Maxwell put together, that helps you promote your self on radio talk shows.


As I stated in the podcast, people can either pay to learn, or pay more to have you do it…


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