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Episode 1:

In this episode we start out with Marlin introducing the meaning of the podcast title.
Followed up with him explaining where Trinidad and Tobago is.
What is it that a lot of blind people think?
then a brief chat about with an idea one might want to think about when it comes to staying at home.
and mobility skills.
we leave home, go to the barbers, and then going to a judo class.
he didn’t make that detox 😉

All feedback is welcome.

The adventure starts at 3:35.

who’s that beautiful young lady at 4:00?
slaving for the government.
5:20, we made it to second street, and thanks again to that beautiful lady.
6:15, a morning as they head into the barber.
6:45, he walks east along second street, maybe he’s a bit thirsty?
7:15, an example of some of the music one can listen to while navigating around Trinidad and Tobago.
8:50, sometimes strangers just want to help.
9:17, we’ve arrived at subway.
10:28, communicate to figure out what you need to learn.
11:30, assistance to cross arrives.
13:32, the taxi dropped marlin off and he makes a call to finish his adventure to the dojo.
15:55, enter the Dojo with Marlin.
20:54, and we head to do laundry.
25:17, we get home and Marlin concludes the show.

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