What Everyone Ought To Know About WordPress Sites

Today’s episode I provide you with in my opinion is what everyone ought to know about WordPress. Take a lesson for four things you might have known and simply just chosen not to take advantage of, or maybe you didn’t know. If you get any value out of today’s episode, don’t forget to share this, someone else might as well.

Before we get started with the four things everyone ought to know about WordPress, I want to take a quick moment and thank each and everyone of you. I appreciate each of the downloads I get every single time I post a new podcast, which tells me that I have some regular investors. In addition, I also appreciate seeing some of my content sharing around the web, this tells me that people are enjoying the content engine. Do you enjoy what I post? If so leave me a comment and let me know. If not, also leave me a comment and let me know why not, so I can start to Post more content you can relate to or put in contact with someone who would better relate to your situation.

The first of four things people ought to know about WordPress is that it’s not as expensive as one might think. You need a domain name, around $10 a year. You also need a web hosting, around or below $10 a month. In the podcast I shared with you that I would link to host gator, though I can’t find therefore dollars a month plan, here’s has of the time of writing these notes they’re $4.30 a . So it’s not as expensive as one might think to post their own WordPress site, especially with all of the control and allows you.

The second thing that people ought to know about WordPress is that you can design your site the way you wanted to look. This ties into having full control, with a simple WordPress.com WordPress installation and not your own hosted WordPress installation you can only install select plugins and themes. When you have your own hosting, you have full control.   

Designing your site to look visually appealing may require the assistant of someone who is able to see. Check out this episode I recorded last year regarding 3 reasons a blind person should ask for assistance. If you don’t know how to get your site to do something you might want to do, look up courses on sites like YouTube, Udemy, or Linda.

Yesterday I talked about the importance of being able to test, check it out the article title 3 Sexy Ways To Improve The Look Of Your WordPress Site. you want a separate installation of Word press to be able to perform tests on plug-ins and themes and see what those plug-ins or themes do to the main site before it goes live. You can make changes on a live site, however i don’t suggest it unless you know everything that plugin is going to do. Also, as long as you provide the content you promise them, you could have a group of users testing your new site before it goes live.

The final point regarding WordPress everyone aught to know is that If you can talk to friends about what you blog about then it shouldn’t be hard to produce content. Bring your passion and emotions to the content you’re producing, and those who truly connect with you we’ll contact you. You will receive negative feedback from some people, however keep in mind that it’s not your job and life to satisfy everyone. It is your job to share your knowledge with those who you can connect with the best.

It’s important to post on a regular consistent basis. however, don’t just post because you want or feel like you have to post. Post valuable content that people want to read and hear. This is why I asked in my show notes what content you like to hear? Leave me a comment or get in contact with me so I’m not wasting your time…

Tomorrow is going to be a blast, I want to chat with you about  How To Teach WordPress Sites Better Than Anyone Else. As you may know, I had a WordPress with a blind guy video course walking people threw the process of setting WordPress up and configuring it. Tomorrow i’m going to record you a quick podcast and give you some of the tips I personally learned about how to teach WordPress better then anyone else.

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