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Success Tip SaturdayDon’t forget that if you would like to you can show support for the Your Own Pay Podcast and expand your knowledge. Pick a free book from audible up and when you use this link for your free audible book the Your Own Pay Podcast will get paid a $15 commission. It’s a win win situation, you show support for your favorite digital marketing from a blind guy podcast, and You get a free audio book. The one i suggest this week can be found on audible or just get it from Kindle here. It’s The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone.

I will try to keep today’s podcast episode relative in short, and more importantly attempt to stay on topic today. While recording today’s episode, I did not have an outline for everything I wanted to cover. If you have ever consumed any of my content in the past, you’ll definitely know that there are times when I can go off on a ramble. Let’s try not to do that in today’s episode.

Today’s success tip Saturday is about finding success, share your thoughts and the comments. In order to find success, it’s important to know what success means for you. If you don’t know what it means to be successful, you won’t know when you found the success you’re seeking.

An example of not knowing when you’ve found success is while I in the past had thought that successful accomplishments meant I was making $10,000 a month, and I was able to do that overnight, my outlook has changed. Did I make money online with cost per action opportunities? Yes… Have I made money in network marketing or multilevel marketing opportunities? Yes… was I happy doing what I was doing? No… And I think that’s the reason I was never”successful”.

Having a clear goal will help direct you where you need to go in order to find what success you seek. In the past I was directed toward finding success in the short term with Business opportunities that paid however did not provide me the gratifying feeling being able to produce value for you gives me. So stop stumbling around, and listen to my success’s tip for you on this beautiful Saturday.

Know what you need to do in order to reach success

In an effort of clear transparency, I’ll share for you the success I’m looking for in the podcast. Right now we are hovering around 30-50 downloads per day, I’m shooting for 1000 downloads per day. I’m averaging about one lead per week from the podcast, and I’d like to reach 500 leads per day from the podcast roughly 50% of the people who download the podcast. one fifth of the leads per day I ultimately want to become paying customers of a product of mine, that I own and isn’t an affiliate product. These numbers will evolve as soon as more people are able to hear my message.

Having the ability to work with someone and get the jobs done that weren’t getting done allows me the freedom to connect with people who can help me share my message with more individuals. I’m working with the blind blogger, Maxwell Ivy and his coaching program. He’s helping me get my message heard by more individuals through the audience of podcast house and radio show host. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can share your message, check out the amazing course max produced. Get your on air Radio interview course today.The point of the your own pay podcast, on iTunes, Stitcher, or in Google Play Music, is to provide you actionable digital marketing tips from a blind guy to motivate and inspire you to get off your ass and do something.

Success tip this Saturday success tip today is threefold. Number one, no what you need to accomplish to find success. Number two, figure out what steps are necessary to reach that success goal. Number three, take the first step today towards your goal. Need help with accountability? It might be worth you checking out Maxis big dreams start with small steps mastermind group, learn more about the big dreams mastermind here.

I hope you receive a little bit of enjoyment, motivation, inspiration, something out of today’s podcast. If you did, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and the reviews of whatever directory you’re hearing this podcast in, and let someone know what you’re listening to. I pod cast on a daily basis, with a different topic every day. Sundays are stories, you’re going to absolutely love tomorrow story talking about how I’ve gotten where I’m at and what I’ve done to fail. Mondays are all about motivation. Tuesdays, i’ll teach you something. Wednesday we chat about WordPress. Thursday is all about Thrive! Fridays are when I interview passionate professional blind individuals. Saturday is like today we talk about success tips.


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