time tracking on mac and iPhone, DM34

time tracking on mac and iPhone



00:20, You can connect with Michael, @payown and he’s @Damashe

Starting it out with us chatting about time tracking on mac and iPhone

00:35, jumping right into it talking about iphone time tracking apps.

0:47 you’ll learn how Damashe has to get back into time tracking.

00:50, Freshbooks caused Damashe to look into tracking his time.

1:30, do you have the same issue with the Toggl app that we have?

1:44 and you’ll learn how Michael’s apple watch caused him to start tracking all types of data.

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Apps for Time Tracking on the Mac and iPhone are

1:50, some apps michael is using to handle his time tracking on the mac and iPhone are:

Close up of unrecognizable runner, at the lake in nature wearing smartwatch. Using a fitness app for tracking weight loss progress, running goal or summary of his run.

2:45, why did you get an apple watch if you have a reason?



3:00, Damashe wanted to interact with particular apps like Drafts.

3:15, he sends his stuff into drafts then processes it.

3:38, Michael asks Damashe to break his workflow down.

4:25, the only addition Damashe has is workspaces.

Time to chat about workflows?

4:50, Damashe explains to Michael how he’s clipping stuff from the web and keeping for use later.

5:40, Damashe has his templet set up to capture I’m at information necessary to process the information he’s clipping off the web

6:08, Michael asks Damashe to explain workspaces.

7:10, and how Damashe is using spaces.

Did you know?

7:33, did you know that you can do this with Launch Center?

9:45, The launch center pro action that Michael uses is to launch a shortcut that prompts

10:25, Leverage text expander within apps


11:20, and look out for discounts for text expander.

12:05 and then we chat about what direct integration with text expander is.

13:08, what Is Text-expander?

13:25, Damashe’s answer is

14:00, Customer service professionals can learn a way to leverage text expander to get your job done faster and keep the personalization.

14:40, how Michael explains text-expander.


Leverage advanced snippet to improve your workflow.


15:10, Damashe explains to us an advanced snippet with a selection box to direct how his message would look.

16:55, and you’ll learn that this allows you’re small business to see consistency across the team.

17:22, Michael’s stats:


This is a screenshot showing Michael's statistics from TextExpander discussed in the DM Episode time tracking of Mac and iPhone

as of Tuesday, January 22, 2019 at 12:46 PM,

  • Snippets expanded:, 718
  • Characters saved:, 30,133
  • 1.67 hours saved at 60 WPM

NOTE: We recorded this episode on Thursday, January 17, 2018.

18:00: we need to clean our snip-its up.

19:00, you can set a prefix for your groups when organizing text-expander.

20:00, wow, that was a mess!

20:29, let’s get back to the original purpose of this episode.

20:50, how has your apple watch helped?

21:00, Damashe and Michael have the same thoughts.


Keep up!



21:26, then we get distracted about Michael stocking Damashe via his watch.

22:00, You can’t see the people in his mind he’s competing with 😉

22:25, He wants to see his grandkids.

22:45, we need to do something, it gives us a deadline.


So why might you not leverage time tracking on mac and iPhone?

23:05, Damashe asks Michael how he’s using Toggl.

23:20, it takes time to use it every day


23:50, Michael chats a bit about some of his categories in Toggl.


Hold up!


24:20, Michael chats about tags and how he tracked one of his tasks this morning.

24:40, Michael gives navigation tips for navigating the app on IOS.

25:45, and then they chat briefly about the lack of access but the fact you can get info.

26:16, learn to explore your screen

26:27, Damashe explains what Michael was talking about when he mentioned split taps.

26:46, It’s time to do dishes.

27:20, a faster tip is shared by Michael.


When time tracking on mac and iPhone you want to continue tasks



27:44, and another way to continue a task.

28:06, and then we review the 3 tabs, at least what Michael calls them.

28:30, Remington makes an appearance ?

29:02, Working with shortcuts is how Michael gets some podcast listening in for his time tracking.

29:30, time tracking causes you to focus on the tasks you’re working with.

29:51, what project is Michael working on the most? that’s how he’s categorizing his tasks.

Sometimes, you just need to manually enter time



30:16, you can go back in and edit your time in the apps.

30:40, and michael explains how he had to go back and track his information.

31:00, Learn why Michael is tracking his day.

31:18, How productive are you vs how productive do you think you are?

31:40, now Michael is looking at the app that Damashe was looking at.

32:13, and you’ll learn what timing was showing Damashe

32:32, and that’s why Michael started looking at that app.

32:56, you don’t know what’s abnormal until you know what’s normal.

33:00, let us know how you’re tracking time.

Michael is @payown and he’s @damashe

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What did you learn from todays episode starting out talking about the iphone time tracking apps?

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